About Us

Let me skip the jitter jatters of introducing myself and jump right to the point. 

This site is built all so because of the young cricketers who are trying to find their path to make it big in the sport. 

I mean it when I say this, cricketers like me and you need to know some technical aspects or the science side of the game to get a total control on the game. 

Let me tell you this, as we level up our game we need to keep the game knowledge at the same level as that of our game.

This balance between your game and game analysis/ knowledge is only possible if you know the ins and outs of the game. 

The game analysis/ knowledge is nothing but knowing everything that is happening with you, with your team, what the weather is like for the game and how to take appropriate advantage of the conditions, what the pitch is like and how will it help me as a batsman or a bowler, how the opponent’s play and how to counter their play and the list goes on…

We need to be active and conscious of what is happening in the game throughout the match. Having said that we also need to know when to switch between ON and OFF as in to say when you need to concentrate and when not to, since it is very difficult to concentrate for the entire duration of the match, knowing when to concentrate and when not to becomes very important.

And also I’m using this platform to invite aspiring cricketers out there in each gully to join our team where all these concepts are set as a foundation to go about the game. We have a team which plays regular tournaments every week to get match experience before we go into the leagues matches. 

So this could be a right platform for you to get into a club team and play division matches by showcasing your awesome talent and trust me we will bring out your talent whether you like it or not, for your own good.