Bowling tips to read batsman’s mindset in cricket

I have pulled out two of the most important tips that will help you read a batsman’s mindset in cricket. Trust me, these two tips work wonders.

One way to read batsman’s mindset is to Visually observe the batsman during the match. The other way to read a batsman is through Analysis.

To read a batsman visually you’ll need to observe few batting techniques of the batsman. Batting techniques such as stance, foot work, scoring area etc… of the batsman during the match.

Another way to read a batsman is through analysis i.e. analyzing the history of the batsman. History such as strike rate, comfort zone, range of shots etc… that the batsman has.

Both type of analysis go hand-in-hand. Because a batsmen often make slight adjustments to his/ her batting approach to adapt to different conditions.

Now let’s break down these two tips into smaller pieces and understand how to read a batsman’s mindset in cricket.

Tips to read batsman’s mindset during a cricket match

Batting stance:

When a bowler is trying to read a batsman, batting stance of the batsman is the first thing to observe. Getting to know the batting stance allows the bowler to understand the batsman. That is to say, if a batsman is lining up to play a particular shot or to a particular side of the ground, the bowler can bowl accordingly.

For example, batsman having a open stance or batsman shuffling across the stumps.

Batting stance may also be a bluff . Batsman can also have a trigger or back and across movement just before the bowler releases the ball.

Pro tip: Keep an eye on the batsman throughout your run-up. This allows you to make changes to your bowling plan even if the batsman shuffles around the stumps.

If you are a batsman trying to understand the mindset of the bowler here😉, I totally get you. You might also want to understand the science behind a proper batting stance.

Footwork of the batsman:

Let me justify the footwork mindset of the batsman through an example.

Let’s assume you are a spinner and you are tossing up deliveries to the batsman. After consistently tossing up deliveries to the batsman, the batsman’s would expect similar deliveries. But, what if you change your pace or spin the ball the other way.

This way you can also influence the mindset of the batsman to your will.

Can you think an example as to how a fast bowler can influence a batsman’s mindset?

Tips to read batsman’s mindset through analysis

Scoring pattern of the batsman:

In cricket, there are few batsman who play front foot shots better than back foot. On the other hand there are batsman who play back foot shots better than front foot. Analyzing this gives you an idea about the scoring pattern and comfort of the batsman against few line and lengths.

Scoring pattern signifies the mindset with which the batsman bats to score runs.

Anyways, once the scoring areas of the batsman is known, restrict him/ her from scoring runs through those areas. Eventually the batsman would make some or the other mistake and fall to the score-board pressure.

The analysis also helps the bowler set a field to compliment his/ her bowling.

Strike rate of a batsman:

Strike rate of the batsman, in the previous matches, gives the bowler a rough idea about the aggressive or defensive mindset of the batsman. This again allows the bowler to plot against the batsman’s comfort.

Bowler can go one step ahead and analyze the phases in which the batsman has greater or lesser strike rate. Also the bowler can analyze the batsman’s strike rate for different line and length and bowl accordingly.

Here are few other tips that can be used to read a batsman’s mindset:

Situation of the the match:

Understanding the situation of the match helps a bowler to read a defensive or attacking nature of the batsman.

For example, the mindset of the batsman is to gather maximum runs in the power play overs of the innings. Restrict the batsman from scoring without even taking a risk. That is to say, let the batsman take risk while playing a shot. This increases the chances of picking up wickets.

Personal performance of the batsman:

Check the history of the batsman to analyze the recent form in his/ her batting.

For example, if the batsman is out-of-form, do not allow the batsman to spend time in the middle. Bowl maximum amount of deliveries to the batsman who are out-of-form.

The mindset of a out-of-form batsman is usually tentative while batting. Having this knowledge of the batsman will helps the bowler restrict the opponents from scoring freely. This in-turn puts pressure on the in-form batsman’s to score, which creates opportunity for bowlers to pick wickets.

Batting position:

The bowler can read the mindset of a batsman by paying attention to the batting position of the batsman.

For example, a batsman will have a different mindset while coming out to bat in the middle overs as compared to final overs of the innings.

During the middle overs or initial stages of the innings the mindset of the batsman is to rotate singles without taking any risks. And during the final phases of the innings the mindset of the batsman is gather maximum runs on the scoreboard.

As a bowler, understanding how a batsman reads a bowlers mindset will help.

Are there anymore point to add? Let’s discuss below.